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Our ministry strives to be the place where students feel like they belong. We want to walk along side our students as they begin to discover what it is like to own their faith in a world that doesn't. We want this to be the place where they gather as friends and feel as if everyone here is a part of their family. We want to be the place where they not only learn about Christ's love but where they also feel it. 

You belong 


How To Connect

Wednesday nights
5:15-8:00 pm


Sign up for Fall Fun Day!

October 12th We will be spending all day together doing all the things! We will meet at the church at 12:45 and pick up will be 8:00 am Friday morning. Cost is $50.00 and will cover meals , urban air and a t-shirt.

-Volunteering at the Food Bank

-Partying it up at Urban Air

-Ending with a Lock In here at the Church


We are so excited to see you there!!

Trampoline Runway
Canned Food
Camp Fire at Night
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